Termite Control

Take Your Home off the Menu

Take Your Home off the Menu

Schedule termite control services in Chesapeake, VA

Do you believe you have a termite infestation in your home? Termites can do serious and costly damage if left unchecked. Don't let your home continue to be worn down one bite at a time. Contact Xtreme Termite & Pest Control for personalized termite control in Chesapeake, VA.

Our team treats termite infestations with complete coverage above and below your property. Call 757-572-7927 today for a free on-site termite inspection in Chesapeake, VA.

Locate and eliminate termites

Before scheduling a professional termite inspection, there are several signs of an infestation that you can notice yourself. Keep an eye out for:

Munching or clicking sounds in the walls
Presence of winged termite colonizers
Hollow sounding timber
Warped door and window frames
Dark powder and black marks near the infestation site

Any one of these signs alone can be a clear indication of an entire subterranean termite colony in your home. Contact us immediately for prompt termite control in Chesapeake, VA.